Geographic Information Systems


We are also a spatial information data provider in Nigeria with expertise in placing socio-economic and developmental information in a spatial context through a geographic information system.

Ambitec team of skilled personnel enables it to undertake GIS and mapping consultancy including database development. Our geospatial solutions are usually tailored to fit our customers’ specific requirements in order to leverage corporate knowledge and increase efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.





We also assist some of our clients to visualize object relationships in their database by integrating spatial context into their database. This way, our clients are empowered to make informed business and technical decisions based on the power of visual interpretation of the contents of their databases.

 This feat would have been impossible to understand using the traditional row-column formats. Some of our services include:

  • Database Development and Migration
  • Data Conversion, Map Digitizing and Cartography
  • GIS Consultancy and Research
  • Geographic Intelligence /Geomarketing